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Athena - "Goddess of wisdom and learning, meditation, inventiveness, accomplishments and commerce"

“A healthcare IT & Administrative service provider focused on value-added enhancements to Enterprise Information Systems”

Dimensions Analysis provides a single source, web-based knowledge solution for all your healthcare reporting!!

Athena is a non NPR reporting solution for the MEDITECH environment who want to take advantage of the data that has been building in their systems since the initial implementation of MEDITECH.  Unleashing this data and developing valuable information is the cornerstone of Athena.  Presenting and manipulating this information using common, industry-standard tools, complete the design scope.   Athena is based upon administrative and patient-centric information models utilizing the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform.  This platform includes:

SQL Server for database storage

Analysis Services

for multi-dimensional analysis

Reporting Services

for web-based enterprise reporting

Microsoft Office

for integration with desktop applications


The primary power of Athena is in its data infrastructure.  Athena provides data sets for  enhanced reporting and analysis to satisfy your environment.    Athena's  standard solution provides reporting and analysis utilizing Microsoft Reporting Services and Analysis.  Reports can be either “Pushed” or “Pulled” by the information consumer depending on the user or facility requirements.  You also have the ability to schedule reports and have them e-mailed to end-user accounts and PDA’s.

 We've selected Microsoft Reporting and Analysis Services tools for these reasons:

Athena is designed to be scaleable to meet almost any facility or corporation design.  This design flexibility allows for a single department only installation all the way to an entire multi-facility corporation or Health Information Network.  With this design, it provides a 'Single Look and Feel' for multiple facility or regional integration of information.

In the MEDITECH environment, the information is extracted from existing Data Repository applications or from existing ODBC and .NET utilities.  For sites without either of these currently operational, Dimensions Analysis can help you to select a cost-effective link to your MEDITECH data with the use of a .NET or ODBC framework tool.

 Data is accessed or imported into the Athena database model for facility, departmental or patient-centric information.  This information is either ‘Real-Time’, ‘Near Real-Time’ or batch updated nightly depending on the report or application.  This forms the dataset for standard and multi-dimensional reporting needs in Athena.


Athena provides individual solutions and comes in three standard offerings:

Enterprise Financials

General Ledger, Materials Management (including Accounts Payable), Payroll

Patient Administration

Admissions, Abstracting, Patient Billing / Accounts Receivable, Medical Records / Demo Recall

Clinical Administration Laboratory, Nursing/Clinical Documentation, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Imaging   

          (additional department solutions)

Emergency Room Management, Order Entry, Operating Room Management

Because many facilities have varying information requirements, Athena also provides the flexibility to design your own a la carte dataset based upon your personal needs.  You can select your own application set based upon applications from any or all of the above solutions.  Non-standard applications are also available to be integrated into your solution. 

Features of Athena  


Additional Features of Athena  

Athena Components

Each Athena solution comes with the following:



New Athena Components !!

Athena development is constantly looking for ways to present data in the most efficient ways.  We are always looking for new and innovative solutions to include in our solutions.  Our latest enhancement includes Geospatial  graphing of results.   This technology allows for a more visual analysis of numerical data and results from a geographic perspective.  Fixed or interactive data can be presented within the reports from a whole host of sources.  Some include: Cancer rates, Influenza cases, In and Outpatient registration summaries, Billing balances, facility costs, to name only a few !! 

This component is now included as part of the Athena offering !!


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