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Company Philosophy


Our Mission

To provide our customers with innovative solutions to meet their business objectives today and beyond.  By combining experience, imagination, strategic alliances and emerging technologies, Dimensions Analysis enhances the development of systems across the health care continuum.
Our Vision

To become a highly regarded solutions and resource provider for hospital and health service facilities.  We will deliver these with the highest degree of quality within available resources. 

Our Values
  • Customer-focused. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers when they require it.
  • Teamwork.  In partnership with our customer and their vendors, we acknowledge that everyone has a valuable role to perform.
  • Trust and Honesty.  We believe in open and honest communication to foster trustworthiness to all.
  • Innovation and Creativity.  We  will position our services in the forefront of change.
  • Accountability.  We believe in taking responsibility and acting proactively.
  • Fiscal Responsibility.  We will respond in a fiscally responsible manner to maintain minimal customer-directed expenses and costs.