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Dimensions Analysis is heavily involved in helping healthcare organizations leverage there investment in their Health Information Systems by providing insight and expertise in Information Management.  

Most health organizations:

  • Spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours building operational systems and infrastructures.

  • Retain large amounts of data important to making sound fiscal and clinical decisions.

  • Has data that is not easy to get at, and specifically:

    • Not easy to access through the standard Health Information Systems

    • Not easy to manipulate or analyze

    • Compare / contrast in order to react to any changes or environmental forces.

Dimensions Analysis Consulting brings to its customers:

  • Custom Information Management support and services to build on your current investments.

  • Valuable data integration opportunities allowing for meaningful business and clinical information.

  • Utilize visual presentation tools to enhance information interpretation and presentation.

  • Utilize industry standard technologies already in use in most healthcare organizations.

  • Provide Information Management services from departmental activities to health region administration.


 Examples of our services include:

Project Management

Experienced Project Management skills in the implementation and deployment of MEDITECH and non-MEDITECH-based MAGIC and Client-Server products.

Data Repository Implementation

Extensive experience in the design, configuration and implementation of Data Repository products including MEDITECH and other repositories and extract tools.

Digital Dashboard Development

Provide expertise in implementing and developing administrative dashboards.

OLAP Development

Development of OLAP cubes and reporting solutions using Analysis Services and other Multi-dimensional tools.

Business Intelligence Deployment

Provide assistance and leadership in enterprise and departmental Business Intelligence deployment.

Business Activity Monitoring

Provide guidance and leadership in the design, development and deployment of healthcare key business performance indicators.

Information Portals

Experience in Web-based Information Portals using web part tools.

Balanced Scorecard Configuration

Provide design guidance and support in the development of enterprise and departmental scorecards to help management decision-making.

Custom SQL Programming

Extensive experience programming custom SQL datasets from MEDITECH & Picis Data Repositories along with other MEDITECH extract tools.

System Integration

Data Integration of disparate and distributed systems into single look and feel sources.

SQL Server Training

Custom designed training sessions covering SQL Administration, Transact-SQL Views & Stored Procedure development, Database Architecture & Design,  SQL Server Integration Services