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“A healthcare IT & Administrative service provider focused on value-added enhancements to Enterprise Information Systems”

 Most healthcare facilities are faced with an overwhelming problem.  They are “Data Rich, Information Poor”.  Thousands of hours and millions of dollars are spent implementing Enterprise Information Systems to provide service and functionality across the organization.  These systems, however, are designed to provide departmental-specific information with limited direct Enterprise Information integration.  This data is also time sensitive with much of it being purged frequently due to high volumes of data produced on a daily basis.  Dimensions Analysis had developed an Enterprise Information Model to provide an 'out of the box', cost-effective solution for today's healthcare organizations.  The Dimensions Analysis focus is to provide fast and efficient access to operational data along with developing valuable information; all while utilizing industry standard tools and visual presentation aids to unleash the power of the information.


 Data and Reporting Model


‘Vendor-neutral’, Enterprise Information model for Administrative and Patient centric reporting, digital dashboard and geospatial information presentation.  The model is built upon existing application architecture found in most healthcare organizations today providing a nominal technology investment. 


Data Modeling

Vast knowledge is available to provide counseling and consulting services to enhance or develop your Information Resource assets.  On-site or remote services are available depending on the needs of your project.  

SQL Server, Analysis Services and Reporting Services training is also available.



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